Installing Chrome within the Program Files Folder


In the latest versions of Windows, Google Chrome installs itself in the C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome directory. This allows Chrome to be installed for a single user, and doesn't need any administrator permissions to do so. Unfortunately some like to keep all their applications in their Program Files folder - and the normal version of Chrome doesn't allow for users to chose their install location.

There are a few ways to get Chrome to install in different locations (such as using Junctions), but these solutions can take time and aren't exactly pretty. If you're just looking to install within Program Files, the simplest solution is to install the standalone offline version of Chrome. This offline version is designed for users having issues with the standard installer due to network restrictions. It doesn't require an internet connection to install, and – wait for it – also happens to install itself within the Program Files folder. While it is technically an "offline" version, the browser will still connect to Google when it can and automatically install updates, so no need to worry about it going out of date. It is exactly the same as your standard Google Chrome installation.

You'll get two choices when installing: the installer for one user account, or the installer for all user accounts. The difference is that the former installation will store its user data in a user's own AppData folder, though the program itself will remain installed in Program Files.